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Self Storage at Algar Store
Self Storage at Algar Store

Storage Rooms

Our self-storage service, for both private and business owners, can be rented from just €15.00 per square metre per month* and is ideal for storing personal and confidential effects.

Our 7m3 storage boxes have lockable and hinged access doors and are large enough to store sofas or superking size mattresses and beds.

We also offer storage rooms from 6m2 to 11m2. 

Pallet Storage

Using efficient pallet storage methods is an easy way to manage warehouse space.

 We block stack, where loaded pallets are stacked on top of each other and organised into lanes.

Also single deep pallet racking provides easy access to all the pallets in a rack as they each have their own individual space.

Boats Storage

With an expansive coastline and a multitude of marinas, there has always been a high demand for boat and trailer storage, particularly out of season.

At AlgarStore we provide competitively priced indoor and outdoor storage facilities throughout the year to help remove the fuss factor from your days on the water.

Motorhomes Storage

Do you have a motorhome you would like to house whilst you are away?

As a tourist hotspot, the Algarve welcomes a large number of motorhome owners, some of whom intermittently return to their home countries, leaving their “second homes” in the Algarve.

We offer indoor, outdoor and shaded storage for all sizes of campervan and motorhomes along with electric hook-up, if required.

Cars Storage

As well as offering the same service as motorhomes, if you would like to leave your car in a secure location while you go travelling or go home, our outdoor carparking starts from as little as €1.00 per day.

Rest assured that you can safely leave your vehicle in our hands with secure alarmed premises, equipped with 24-hour CCTV and security lighting.


We know it can be increasingly difficult in securing reasonably priced office space but with Algarstore’s prominent location and attractive rates, we have the answer with both individual and shared spaces starting at 20m2.

All come unfurnished but equipped with air conditioning and WiFi.


Further flexible space is available to use as workshops or garages.

Local artisans, for example, who are looking to expand their work area or set up a new business and/or require storage for tools would benefit from these areas of which there are three starting from 64m2 up to 210m2.

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